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What have I been doing!?

To make a long story short. I have been SLACKING -- on blogging. However I have been writing code most days and working on other projects.

I have been working on the hoard API. Which is an API for tabletop roleplaying games. I am in the process of learning more about deploying that project and opening it up to become open source like the pokeapi and swapi. I am really happy with how it has turned out. There are a few things I would still like to figure out with it as far as tests and overall security.

Apart from that I have been trying to keep up on my javascript 30. I have fallen behind on it as a daily ritual due to wanting to finish the hoard api before an interview. But now I am more or less back on track with that.

The other two technologies I have been playing with are p5js and Love2D. Pretty much following along with youtube videos a friend of mine told me about Dan Shiffman, who has a bunch of cool videos on p5js. Love2D was just a random stumble upon game engine. It uses Lua which is a bit unique for me but has been fun messing around with.

Commenting on my last javascript30 project: I really enjoyed the 10th episode. I would like to spend more time messing around with other features to this check box list. Perhaps creating a button that would select them all, unselect them all, and so on. As of right now you can select any two check boxes and while holding shift it will select all inbetween.

I have also added prismJS to all my code tags which should give them proper coloring. However there is now a bug creating weird spacing for the code. I think it might have something to do with conflicting style sheets but I am really not sure at this point.

Here is the source for my Java Script 30 project.

As well as my hoard API project.